Dec 052009

Stay warm inside your heart and you will be pleased with how warm you are on the outside.  Do not let the temperatures around you – warm, hot or cold – fool you into thinking otherwise.

You are always warm in your heart despite outward appearances.  There is a glow within you that cannot be snuffed out or hidden for all to see who want to.

You may hide but you cannot disappear.  Invisible – try as you may – is not an option.  I for one see you in all your glory (very good for not flinching).  Whether you want to see that or not is up to you.   But I still do and others too.

You would be amazed at the number of people who can see who you are when you cannot.  Use that to reflect back to yourself and pull you out of where you are.  If you cannot see yourself as you know to be, ask another for help.  Let them reflect back to you what they see in you – for it is good and warm.

Allow that glow to grow within you and become a brighter light for all to see.  Do not hide any longer.  You are only fooling yourself.  That makes you the biggest fool of all.  Do you really want that – to be the fool you hide from?

Take this knowledge and use it to your advantage.  Use it to break the bonds that keep you tied to the old you.  Allow the you you desire within you to come forth for all to see.

Safety is a false concern for there is no other safe place to be than within you.

[If you’re wondering what MAP is then check out My Autonomic Project]

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