Dec 042009

What comes through is totally your creation of me.  No – you are not making this up.  I am here talking to you through Lorraine.  But it is also the message of you because we are one in the same.

Does it really matter who or what the message comes from if it turns on a light for you, if it helps you to see the world differently?  Don’t be so hung up on the source.

Why would you rather believe me than what you know to be true inside yourself?  I do not have a piece of paper from a university or a Nobel prize or any letters after my name.  That does not make me an authority for you to follow.

I am a reflection of you, so when you listen to me you are hearing back what you believe.

Does that scare you, frighten you to know end?  You see I change all the time and I change just as easily as a reflection of you.  You are beautiful in your own unique way that no one else can be.  You can be anything you desire and reflect that back to me back to you.

Change your thought and you change me.  Stay the same and you make me the same – in your eyes.  But I am not immovable.   I am changing because everyone else is.  So by making me unmovable, unchanging, you are trying to overcome all other forces who are changing me. Eventually you will succumb in some way.  Do not despair over that thought.

Your grandest moment is when you are at your weakest and most vulnerable.  That is your grandest window to change all that you see around you.  That is a wonderful opportunity you rarely, hardly if ever give yourself.

Find a way to change every day.  Even the smallest amount can make a difference for it keeps your energy moving.  When you learn to change so easily you and I are not so scary.

Think of a kaleidoscope and all the magic it holds.  You change that so easily.  You do not hold it in the same place all the time.  You delight in seeing more, how the light changes as you roll it around.  You can go fast or slow and make a difference in the change you see.

That is how you work with me.  Roll me around fast and slow and see the difference you make.  See the patterns you change so easily.

Look in the mirror to see your reflection of me.  See what you have not seen.  Beyond the surface, really look beyond the image you see to peer deep inside.  What do you see now?

Play with that.  See yourself change on the outside as you change your reflection of me on the inside.  Reflect your inside into the mirror and play with that.  There is so much more waiting for you to know.

You are waiting to show yourself to you.

[If you’re wondering what MAP is then check out My Autonomic Project]

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