Dec 032009

What do you do when all is lost?  Do you pray to me?  Another god?  Do you give up in despair?  Do you relish the opportunity to see anew?

When all is broken down there are no alternatives, no other games to play, no stories to tell yourself. You are stone cold broken – and it doesn’t have to be money we are talking about here.

Lost is the perfect opportunity to shed the pretenses you have built for yourself and become trapped by them.  Shed those false images to see yourself anew, to see who you really are – to let your true passions come through.

The roles you play are just that – roles you created to survive in your world and not get hurt.  Some you believed from others you had to do and others [roles] you created yourself to get along.

They are all gone when you become lost.  You shed them because they no longer serve you – like a scab falling off a wound.  You don’t need that protection any more.  You are healed but you don’t see that yet.

Yes, you can pick the scab off a wound like a role you can lose before you become lost.  One is purposeful, the other is destiny.

Either way, be careful about what you choose for if you pick too soon you may not have healed enough for the bleeding to stop.  But it will eventually.

Don’t keep opening up the same wound though.  Give it a chance to heal so you can become the real you – who is already there waiting for you to see.

Circuitous indeed.

[If you’re wondering what MAP is then check out My Autonomic Project]

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