Nov 302009

My eyes aren’t quite working yet.  This seems to be common these days.  Blink blink – trying to bring things into focus.  My eyes don’t seem to be working together.

That’s because they’re not supposed to.

What does that mean?

It means they are changing.  The way you see is changing.

Okay.  What am I supposed to do with that?

Whatever you want.  Take off your glasses and see.

Great book title.

Yes.  I wrote that.  I inspired that.  See, you can see differently than you’ve always thought.  Seeing isn’t just about looking through your eyes.  Seeing is about experiencing with your body.  There is a whole lot more information out there you can detect with your skin, inside your body, in the energy around you.

Feeling is another way of seeing a whole different level.  There is more information in feeling than you’ll ever get with seeing.  The nuances are incredible and so subtle.

Seeing with you eyes is at times a gross level of input or connection to the environment around you.  You’ve become so accustomed to seeing you’ve forgotten how to see the details – to really look at the subtleties of what lays before you.

Like driving.  You drive a car but have forgotten all the little details, the little movements it takes to move that big vehicle.  Sometimes you even “fall asleep” you are so accustomed to it.

Auto pilot lets you pay attention to other details but you forget what goes on. You lose your sensitivity to the details. Feelings bring those details back alive and so much more.  There is more than you can see all around you.

Touch is a way to see thing anew.  The subtleties of your skin do not go unnoticed by your brain.  Feel the air.  You laugh at the idea.  Close your eyes and touch the air.  What do you feel?

Go there.  Open yourself up to that level of attention.  Move beyond the gross back to the detail.  Then go inside and feel the energy around you and in you.  Can you feel your liver, your lungs, your intestines?  They are alive with energy.  Can you feel the subtleties?  Can you pay attention to move inwards to that level?

Now can you pay attention with what I’ll say is outwards?  Can you feel the connection to others that exists between you? Can you feel it with everything around you?  Even when they or it are not there?

You are relative to everything.  I am here.  You are there.  That is a relationship.  Feel that connection with everything?  Are they different?  Do they feel different?

They should and they shouldn’t.  It depends on what level you are looking at them from.  But do not worry about that now.  Just feel the differences and sameness between all that is around you.

Go deeper than you’ve ever gone before.  Experience a new level.  Close your eyes if you have to.  You don’t but at the beginning it can help you to understand the differences, to connect into the different subtleties of the energy around you.  Soon you will get to the space of connecting with that which is not around you, is far away in your terminology.  What you cannot see.

Practice this connection.  Close your eyes and feel around you and then beyond.  Go now and play this game for awhile.  You will become much better at it than you think you ever will.  Play with it and have fun.

This is not a test.  There is never a test.  Only what you wish to experience.  If this sounds fun to you, exciting to you, intriguing to you then do it – otherwise don’t. Know how it feels to you first before you make a decision.

And if it nags at you – even from the remotest corner of your mind or body – then revisit your decision not to play at anything.  It has grabbed your attention for further exploration.  Give it a chance, the tiniest chance to see where it leads you – or not.

Just play with life – and it will play with you.  Play dear playmate – play.

[If you’re wondering what MAP is then check out My Autonomic Project]

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