Nov 272009

How are you today?  Fine I take it.  Why do you say that?

Fine is but a relative term for only you to determine.  Think about that for all your answers to everything for it is your very own reality you are creating.  Who and what you invite into that reality is your decision.

You are not stuck in your circumstances.  If you believe that [you are] then you are the victim in all of this and that is what you chose for your reality.  You are not a victim.  You are a creator so create you day and each moment.

Pull the day inside of you, filter and project outwards.  You like to do it backwards.  Push outside of you, take it all in and then try to cope with what you have to deal with.  Become a better filter of what you want to process.  That is your choice – not theirs.

Do not let their outward push become your reality.  You can change their day by projecting only that which you choose to create.  Let all that other energy disappear and go into the the light to transform.  Nothing is lost, only form changes for you to see differently.

Play the game.  Yes, I say that a lot – about the game – for that is what it is – a game.  One that changes rules all the time according to your wishes.  Nothing stays the same.

Yes – your thought of a checker board is correct.  Or is it a chess board?  Or a canoli board? (I made that up for you to laugh at.)  The playground is the same but the rules are different according to what you want to play.

So decide your own rules and find others who want to play with you.  Remember you do no harm to others or you will regret it in yourself at another time for you know there is another game and this is not who you are.

There are multiple games going on at the same time – multilayers all interacting with one another, impacting the play of one another.  Pay attention to that – or not – if you want to shake up the rules of your own game.

A wider view will be more complex but more simple at the same time because you can see more things all at once.  They are no longer unknown.  But you do not have to see that to know that.  Know that is is there – if you think it is then it is.  You do not have to see to know, to have proof.

That is a crutch you use to hold you back.  Think of it and it is there in your mind to respond to.

Play the game in your heart and you will do fine.  Experiment with life.  You outgrow games in life and so too here.  Do you play the same games as you did as a child?  Yes [laughing] – some do but you do not have to.  Mostly you have moved onto new games that have bigger rules for you to manipulate.

Play the game as you wish, not as others have dictated you play – unless you want to play that way.   That is your choice and you choice alone.

Play now.  Play and be free.

[If you’re wondering what MAP is then check out My Autonomic Project]

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