Nov 242009

You are here.

Yes – you knew I would be.  It just took me a little while longer today to sit down and write.

How come? 

Had to create some interference I guess to appreciate how much I enjoy doing this first thing rather than filling my day up with stuff – okay – crap.

Let’s begin.

Why do you want so bad to be like me when you already are me?  See the difference between seeking, finding and discovery.

Seeking is when you don’t know what you want but set out to do something anyway instead of being still.  Finding is being focused in what you want.  Discovery is seeing again what you already know.  Feel the difference in their energy.  They are quite distinct, aren’t they?

Yes.  Seeking is frustrating … struggle.  Finding is more like anticipation and knowing mixed together and discovery is exciting and expanding.

You already know the difference so use them to play the game you seek to destroy.  You know more than you let on but that is okay for it will all come out in time.

Do not be afraid of what others will think.  Whether it comes from me or you it doesn’t matter.  Credit me if you like for it is all the same.  We can create much faster when you acknowledge your part in it.  Let it be for now and it will grow in time.

The struggle is part of what you need for now until you no longer do.  That struggle energy is holding you down and is only keeping you tied to that which is no longer part of you.  You don’t need that energy any more.

It served you well but you need it no more.  It is a game you return to like a child going back to play with blocks when it has the tools to build towers.  The time will come.

You need to play now.

Play.  With all your heart.  It will serve you well.

[If you’re wondering what MAP is then check out My Autonomic Project]

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