Nov 232009

I am here.  Always.  Look for me in the tiniest detail instead of the grandest miracle. I am in both but you tend to look for me only in the larger of the two.  I am everywhere.  Even in the dark you create for yourself.

Use me to find your way out like the sun on a dark lit night.  Strange thing to say, yes.  But it is true.  Expand your thinking to include such a place that you do not know but it is there.  Because you cannot see it, touch it, taste it does not mean it does not exist.

Maybe you have not created it yet which means you have not seen it yet but it is there waiting for you in all possibilities – pure potential.  It is all there already.  Always.

Seek it and you shall find it but don’t seek too hard because that screws things up as you say.  It embodies or infuses the wrong energy into the creation process and pushes what you desire away.

Yes it is fine line but one you know well and play with all the time to push away what you think you desire but really don’t want right now or ever.  That’s okay – recognize it for what it is but be careful not to blame me or others that you do not get what you want.

It is there waiting.  Be careful what you ask for because you do not want to have to push it away needlessly.  That is energy wasted you could have been putting toward something else.

Yet nothing is wasted for you would not have had that experience otherwise.  Simply pay attention to what you focus on and get better at what you do focus on and the results will show themselves to you.

Don’t get all muddled up in this and think too much.  That screws up the energy too.  Just simply start with paying more attention and go from there.  Ease into the ease and flow if you must do that – or jump in – whatever you prefer.

Start with attention – at tension – and go from there.

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