Nov 202009

What do you want in life?  That is the question we all have to answer at some point in our lives.  Even me.

But it’s a lot easier here from my point of view because I see everything and desire nothing.  Do not worry.  That is part of the game I’ve set up on purpose for you and I are playing it together.

So what do you want?  Be brave.  Be bold.  Live a little.  Dare to dream – yes – beyond your wildest imagination as you like to say because it is all possible.

Do not hide from life.  Jump in.  Do not be beaten down.  See the beauty in everything.  Even the worst nightmare.  You are still alive to tell about it are you not?  That is something you created to experience yourself.

But you are not that.  You are not in that.  You are much more and to observe that is crucial to the game.  That is how you create anything you desire.

Know that it is not you.  Not even a partial you – only something you choose to experience right now.  But that does not mean you must choose it again and again.

Laugh at what you are doing.  See the humour of your inner desire to experience both the worst and the best life has to offer for it is all there.  It is my command for you to have it all and for you to command it from me.

Live a little.  Laugh a little and it will grow into the most joyous moment you know.

Tell Andrew his is just fine (write that down – don’t be afraid to name names – they will know who they are and need to hear this today – whichever day that is will be absolutely perfect).

Go now and be peace.

[If you’re wondering what MAP is then check out My Autonomic Project]

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