Nov 192009

Do not worry about the outcome of your actions for they are perfect for what you want to create.

But that is the question – what DO you want to create?  For that is the key to all answers.

Think about it.  Hard.  Long and hard.  And then relax.  For you do not have to be concerned.

Take a higher perspective and see what is really going on.  This is nothing new.  But are you willing to pay attention?  That is the key.  That is critical.

If you do nothing else, pay attention to what you are doing and the nuances will begin to appear.  Right before your very eyes.  Do not hide from them again.  Learn from them.  Learn about yourself and see who you really are.  That is the fun part of creation.  Not reaction.

But move there slowly if you need to for there is time – all the time in the world for you to discover who you really are.  And you will like what you see.

Go now and be.

[If you’re wondering what MAP is then check out My Autonomic Project]

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