Nov 172009

Over the past couple of days I’ve had the thought to do autonomic writing.  Then last night during another 3:30am Power Ponder the idea came to me to do the writing for (at least) 30 days and post the results here on the blog. 

I know there is something to this idea. As much as I tried to circumvent “the plan” and do some mindless computer work, the internal nudging increased in intensity until I found a notebook and sat down to write.

Now I’m curious to see the results.  My previous attempts at daily journaling have started off with great gusto only to sputter out after a few days.  With something or someone else involved in the writing I don’t think I’ll be able to sputter without overcoming a lot of nudging, poking and prodding.


Heads Up:

From this morning’s session I know upfront some writings will be free flow and others will appear as a conversation.  What comes through is simply what comes through.  Sometimes the writings may not seem to make sense but past experience has shown me there can be layered meanings which aren’t always apparent at first reading.

When a conversation occurs I will endeavor to use consistent formatting to clarify my voice from that which is coming through (ie. being channeled).  The format will look like this:

This is when I am talking.

This is what is coming through.


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