Nov 102009

I can hardly believe we are in the second week of November and I haven’t put finger to keyboard since September.  Not that I haven’t been writing.  The problem is I’ve done it all in my head.  That works fine for those who read thought balls but not so good for everyone else.

Mostly I’ve just wanted to get quiet and pull back into observer mode.  There is a huge shift going on and I’m not too sure how many people recognize what is happening.  Location changes seem to be the biggest shift occurring but job and family changes are in the mix too.  New beginnings would sum the activity up nicely.

Being contemplative and observant doesn’t make for good writing, especially when thoughts are incomplete.  There is something in the mix about being less shy, more radical and heading off in a different direction.

Who knows.

But I’m still here and something is going to burst forth here soon.  That I can feel.

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