Feb 272009

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

What exactly is supposed to change if:

  • bailout money is given to the same people who made bad business decisions in the first place
  • billions of dollars are being pumped into the same growth-is-the-only-way economic system that imploded to begin with
  • we continue to measure the strength of our economies based on the growth of industries we need less of or use non-renewable resources
  • doctors and pharmaceutical companies receive their income from people being sick
  • there has to be a them so we can be us
  • there are pro-life advocates who murder doctors performing abortions
  • people look to answers from God while believing God last credible communication was more than a millennium ago
  • it’s okay to create life that would not exist without the use of technology but its not okay to end the of suffering of a person who requests assistance
  • taking your own life is a crime only if you live
  • generals and ‘commanders in chief’ never participate on the front lines or live with local civilians
  • doing the right thing is considered remarkable
  • we think we can permanently control the weather and other natural forces
  • companies believe they have generational longevity by being leaders in non-renewable resource industries
  • we attach our identity and self-worth to what we do instead of who we are
  • every religion has their own version of a single God
  • our leaders engage in war expecting the enemy to play by our rules

What are your additions to the list?

  One Response to “Trying To Make Change”

  1. Here are a few more …

    What is supposed to change if:

    – giving money to banks is good business but giving money to people is bad

    – we teach kids to share then expect them to accumulate as adults

    – money crimes have more severe penalties than crimes against women, children, animals or the environment


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