Jan 312009

I caught an interview with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen discussing their coffee table book ‘Influence‘.  The pair interviewed people who inspired them and felt would inspire others.  That started me thinking who would be included in my personal edition of ‘Influence‘.

Building such a complement of people is a bit harder than I thought.  I didn’t have people springing to mind … which I view as a good thing … and took that as a hint I should take some time to consider what and who I consider influential in my life.

As I think about this some more I’m beginning to see this wide and varied group of people who have touched my life in a special way.  Some are a part of my life while others I have never met.  Some are in the public eye while others simply move through the world unnoticed by most.   Some I met in a fleeting yet lasting moment while others remain a constant.

I am going to keep working on my list.  I’m curious to see who will be there.

Who would you include in your personal edition of ‘Influence‘?

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