Dec 172008

Hard to believe we would venture out to run errands in the city on a Friday afternoon at Christmas time.  But the weather was decent – with an impending deep freeze in the forecast – and there was  growing list of errands we’d been saving for the next time we made it in.

An unplanned side trip reminded us of how effortlessly we can create our own reality. 

The trip was off to a shaky start after heading out later than we wanted, followed quickly by having to turn around at the first intersection on the highway.  Two of the items we needed were still sitting in the house.  (We didn’t discover until much later we still managed to leave behind a third item, the primary purpose of the whole trip!)  We took the change of plans in stride, telling ourselves everything would be fine and go without a hitch.

Not planning to stop for the couple of things we needed at Costco, our route happened to take us right by.  Deliberating on how bad the parking lot and lineups might be we decided to implement our favourite don’t-want-to-make-a-decision tool … driver’s choice.

With the decision now being left to me, I had a pretty good feeling about the whole situation and decided everything would go tick-ity-boo.  Passing by two full rows after pulling into the parking lot I spied a man walking to his car just a few cars ahead of me.  He pulled out, I drove in – phase one complete.

Walking into the store we quickly discovered the normal cart corral area was under construction so any available carts were out in the parking lot.  No problem – we only had canned tomatoes and dish soap to pick up.  If we needed anything else we’d find a cart in the store.

They must must pump something into the air inside the store because the shopping list suddenly begins to grow as our memory kicks in.  Standing in the Kleenex section with a cinnamon bottle in hand figuring out how much the two of us can carry we spy an abandoned dolly (honestly!) – phase two complete.

A much-fuller-than-we-expected dolly later it was time to head over to the check outs and look for the shortest line.  Every check out line ahead is backed up several people deep.   Slightly off to the right is a check out with only one person in line.  I dash the dolly over – as fast as you can dash with a dolly – to get in line.  No sooner do I get there does the man in front of me say “here, go ahead, I have to wait for my wife anyway”.

By the time the items are arranged and loaded on the check out counter the cashier is scanning the items through.  Swipe the debit card and head for the door.  Phase three complete – in and out in less than 30 minutes.

It is true what they say – create your own reality.  Believe it will happen and watch it unfold.

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