Oct 012006

As often happens, I’ve noticed a recurring theme cropping up lately.  Over these past three weeks the same message keeps appearing in various forms and I can’t help but pay attention to what I’m being shown.  The common theme running through of all these incidents is whether or not giving money is enough any more.

I’ve always been very supportive of groups who’s work I believe in, whether or not I received a charitable receipt.  In more recent years I’ve also made a point of “voting with my dollar” when it comes to purchases and investing.  But for some reason in these past few weeks it  became clear money isn’t always enough for me anymore.

The message rang home this week when I donated blood for the first time.  No amount of money could ever contribute in the way my pint of blood will.  Money can support the blood donation process but in the end what is required are people who are willing to step up and do.

People who are willing to put themselves out there and take action are fewer than we think.  So if I believe myself to be willing to step up or stick my neck out, and I see something that I can do, then it’s my responsibility to take the lead and model for others they can do too.

I will continue to donate money and vote with my dollar.  This is the power of leveraging the work of others who are willing to do.  I add my voice and my actions in a lead role for others to leverage too.

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