Christmas Past

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Dec 252012

Reflections on Christmas past to make what’s old new again …



whatever you seek is already inside of you.  … Go now and listen to the message you have to share. … Raise yourself higher to a vantage point that allows you to open yourself up to greater possibilities.  The possibility [of] what you have to share needs to be heard.

There is nothing we are Continue reading »

Be Your Own Storm

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Sep 162010


I must admit even I am getting a little tired of all this rain and grey cloud.

Your bodies are designed this way.  You are drawn to the light.

It makes me think of the dark sci-fi movies that paint a polluted overcast picture of the future.

That will not happen.  You will not allow that.

Unless you do.

But your first instinct is to Continue reading »

In Love With Yourself

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Mar 232010


So we’re supposed to let our true selves shine through and be ourselves all the time.  What if we don’t like what we see?

You will.  Trust me.  You can’t help yourself.

You will fall deeply in love with yourself for there is no other choice.

Isn’t that being self-centred, being madly in love with ourselves?  The world doesn’t revolve around us.  Continue reading »

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