Time To Your Advantage

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Oct 202011


After yesterday I’m not so sure we are going to make it.  Thrivival might be too far of a stretch when survival is difficult to move beyond.

Why do you say that?

Because while for many of us physical survival is virtually guaranteed, the mind games run rampant and have a much greater hold.

You are trying to play the new within the context of the old and it doesn’t work.

Your old models will force your new ways of thinking and being together towards old patterns.  Continue reading »

Catch On Like Fire

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Oct 192011


You said thriving is about experiencing yourself. Aren’t we facing the problems we are because everyone is thinking about how they can have a good time?

At the expense of others.

You are having experiences but you aren’t necessarily experiencing yourself and who you are.

You are experiencing and creating the problems you face because you are trying to find you rather than just being you.

Having a good time and doing whatever you want will not lead you back to you. Continue reading »

Enough Already

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Oct 152011


How does our thrivival depend on each other?  Aren’t we better off going it alone and doing what needs to get done?

Your problems now come from doing what you think needs to get done.  Do you want more of the same of just getting by?

Not everyone is just getting by.

No, that is true.

But by what definition are you talking?  Continue reading »

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