Failure Needs To Be An Option

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Apr 292011

Another short but worthwhile reminder from Seth Godin.  A couple of days ago he wrote

You can’t have success unless you’re prepared to have failure.

As soon as you say, “failure is not an option,” you’ve just said, “innovation is not an option.”

But what he doesn’t say that needs to be said is  Continue reading »

Life-ing Out All Over

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Jan 062011


So what are you going to do?

What do you mean?

What are you going to do with yourself?  What direction are you going to head?

This is a trick question, right?  The answer should be what am I going to be with myself and allow the doing to follow from that.

That would be a good approach.  You might very well find Continue reading »

Frequency Of Failure

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Jul 172010

but rarely [do organizations or people] take the pro-active steps necessary to fail quietly, and often, in private, in advance, when there’s still time to make things better

Seth Godin

This is a much better way to fail – on purpose.  When you know up front when you’re going to fail, the F word is not so scary … actually quite liberating in fact.

Seth’s list of when to fail – and not – makes a whole lotta sense.

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