Battle Of The Weakest

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Aug 222011


Don’t we have to be strong to be open so we can face whatever we may see?

Quite the contrary.  Some of your most open moments may come when you are at your weakest.  What you call when your defenses are down.

But again, I point out you are treating all of this, all of life, as a battle.

Life has not waged a war on you.

Sure seems like it at times.  Continue reading »

Turn On, Light Up

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Dec 082010


Raise the light.  How do I do that?  How does one do that?

You are closer to your answer when you speak of one.

You are all in this together so it is not a matter of here or there, you or I, us or them.

This is all of us we are talking about.

And even that is bigger than you think. Continue reading »

Be One Or Be Many

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May 072010


Does one person vibrating higher and clearer have as much impact as many vibrating higher and clearer?

One person vibrating as who they really are can have as much impact as the masses.

The question is what kind of impact are you seeking.

Whether you have one or many is not as significant as the change you are seeking or what is in your intentions to create.  Continue reading »


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Mar 122010


All for one and one for all.

You have many such saying that hold truths but they go unnoticed as such.

Yes, I was just noticing that this morning when that saying popped into my head.

Inspirations come in many forms and many ways, woven throughout your history.  Mostly they were ignored but others caused great alarm and fear.

You have moved beyond fear as a source for many of your actions against each other.  Continue reading »

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