Give And Take

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Dec 152011


I think there are a whole lot of people who would say they are tired of giving all the time.

And they would be the same ones who would expect to receive something in return.  That type of giving is just an exchange in disguise.

And a tricky one at that because if you say you are giving without saying what you expect to receive, how can the other person know?

Now you get to win on three counts.  Continue reading »

Out Of Service

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Dec 142011


Your answer to my question about being in service to you or anyone seemed a little circuitous or unclear in parts.  Can we tackle this again?

There is no need to tackle anything.  The answer is already within your grasp.

Your idea of service is based on the notion of lack.  You want or need something and somebody else will give it to you.

How often do you call Continue reading »

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