The New Commandments

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Apr 072010


Okay, sticking with the idea of change and religion, the thought comes to me to ask what the new commandments would be.  Would there be more or less than 10?

And my answer would be …

What do you want them to be?

You do not need me to tell you how to behave with one another.

I am not going to strike you down if you take my name in vain – there would be a lot less people on the earth right now if that were true.

Besides, look at all the laws you have right now Continue reading »

Immune From Re-Creation?

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Apr 062010


If religions are supposed to change, how should they change?

It’s not a matter of should.  It’s a matter of will – religions will change whether you have the will for that to happen or not.

The change will come about from a new idea about God.  And a new idea about you.

When you start to see Continue reading »

Truths Are A Changin

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Apr 052010


Religion will probably be the single biggest influence that will change in your lifetime.

Not that religion is bad – there is no right or wrong – but you are coming to a point in your time where religions will change.

And most likely it will not be easy for some while for others it will be a natural progression.  You might even say “duh, of course.  Why didn’t I see that before?”  Continue reading »

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