Spread Yourself Around

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Oct 162011


Yesterday‘s writing sounded a little political.

Everything is political because politics is about how you organize yourselves.

You are always organizing so you are always politicking.

You might want to consider that the time has come to change your politics to reflect where you want to go rather than where you came from.

You have an example of that being tried but has not gone so well.

Many of you said you desire change yet you fell into old habits and were not willing to change too.  Continue reading »

A Point Not Proven

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Oct 072010


What makes it so difficult to get along with each other, to find ways to work and be together?  Why are we always fighting with each other?

To prove a point.  You are not them.

That is part of the reason you came here – to be different.

If you wanted to be just like everybody else then why bother at all?  You could have stayed home.  Continue reading »

Change Comes Slowly For Women in Afghanistan

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Mar 242009

I consider myself blessed that the worst of the worst day in my life would feel like paradise for many women around the world.

We hear about the advances being made in the reconstruction of war-torn countries like Afghanistan … roads and dams are being re-built, girls attending school, people feel safer to move about, access to medical care.  Yet the world for women, especial in rural areas, remains somewhat unchanged.  Continue reading »

Personal Politics

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Oct 312008

With the Canadian election just recently over and vote day for the American election just around the corner, it’s difficult not to pay attention to what’s going on.  One phenomena I had not figured out was (and is) the intense interest in Barack Obama.  A surprising number of Canadians actually would have preferred to vote for the American president rather than their own Prime Minister.

The reason couldn’t have been Obama’s politics.  In the US he is considered to be the most liberal candidate in their history, yet Obama is still somewhat right of centre.  By Canadian standards he is definitely not centre or left.  Obama’s call “Yes We Can” call for change couldn’t have been the reason either.  Of the paltry 59% who chose to cast a vote, the majority of the minority voted for the leader who campaigned on no change because change was too risky. Continue reading »

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