Of Life And Death

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May 182011

Our oldest cat Zoe died yesterday morning (Tuesday) an unbelievably quick two weeks after noticing something was different, and only three days after a diagnosis of liver disease.  She passed peacefully at home with both of us present.  Even in such a short time I am amazed and grateful for what she taught me in her death as much as she did her life.

As I start this I’m not sure how short, long or coherent what follows will be.  I just know I need to capture the insights I’ve had over the past two weeks and pay attention to where they may go.  These stories are somehow important to record now for reminders down the road.

Forewarned this is a long read you’re interested to know a bit of what went on.  Might be time for a hot cup of tea.  Continue reading »

The One

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Dec 252009


You can look as far as you like and you will never find it.

That is because you are seeking – which pushes away what you desire.  The peace you seek is within you.  The glory – and by that I mean the expansiveness and connection to something greater – is within you already.

Do not forsake these ideas for they are not new – they just go unheard again and again.

You desire a Christmas wish today – Continue reading »

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