Jun 192012


First you said not to use our decisions to make another decide about themselves.  Then you said we are moving and enacting others.  Aren’t those statements in contradiction?

Not at all.

(And I know we are playing you and I so let’s continue to play.)


You did not bring into question my statement about Continue reading »

Does The Suit Make The Man?

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Oct 152010


If our biology is speaking, how often does it talk?  I mean aren’t we really our physical bodies then?

Not if you mean what I think you mean.

Your physical body, your biology, has served you well in staying here this long.  Like any technology, your bodies have advanced over the years but there are still some basic functions at work.

Your biology affects your thoughts but your thoughts are not who you really are.  There is a bigger picture at work here.  Continue reading »

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