Standing Naked

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May 302010


Okay – if being who we are is natural and normal then why do we feel vulnerable and the need to protect ourselves?

Being who you are is not normal.  Your natural state is not your normal state.

Think of what you have done to nature to make it not normal.

Natural is uncomfortable for you Continue reading »

Pick, No, Toss

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May 182010


Why is creating or deciding what we want so difficult?  There are so many things to choose from yet that stops us rather than propels.

That is because you are using your backwards looking techniques to go forward.

You don’t walk the same way forward as you do backwards.  Try it and see for yourself.

When you look to your past Continue reading »

Habitual Thinking

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Mar 022010


How many thought habits do you have?

Like needing your glasses to see.  When you take off your glasses or contacts does the world go dark?

No.  You are still able to see, not as clearly as you might like but you are able to see.

But instead you told yourself a lie that unless you could see perfectly or clearly then you couldn’t see.

Do you know what that type of thought does in your subconsciousness?  Take a guess.  Continue reading »

Simple Complexity

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Mar 022009

After reading this solution to the numerous problems we are facing around the world, I realized somewhere along the way complexity became confused with complicated and gained a bad rap.

I’ll grant you that most complicated issues and processes become complex but that does not mean complex issues or processes need to be complicated. Continue reading »

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