Dec 112012

Hope for a better world does not come from outside of you.  It comes from within you. … take one step into your being, into that place that makes you smile because you know this is you, this is how you were meant to be.

Hands down, MAP – Day 25 remains an all time favourite worth reading – Every. Single. Day.

Not only until to you get it, but until Continue reading »

Dec 252011


[The thought arrived a few days ago to re-post the early Christmas greeting from the original series of MAP writings.  I couldn’t help but smile at the “coincidence” of similar themes coming forward this past week and “way back when”.  The original post is copied below, but of course I had to ask first …]

Did you have anything to add?

This is a good time to review what has been said before.  The words then Continue reading »

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