Full Out Is Not Flat Out

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Oct 042010


So you could live full out sitting on the couch all day?

Your level of physical activity does not determine how full out you are being.

Except if your physical activity is an expression of your being [full out].

The amount you produce, the money you make, the people you know are not necessarily reflections of living full out either.

You mistake busyness for beingness.  Continue reading »

Dec 172009


Happy New Year!

Not quite – but you get the drift.  Whether today is the first day or the last day of the year it is still a new day, a different day from all the other if you would only look for it.

See the details of your day to realize that routine is not your friend but your enemy.

Start each day with a fresh look, a decision to begin anew again.  And don’t be hard on yourself Continue reading »

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