Real Reality

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Mar 172012

For the past week we’ve had the pleasure of watching the lead up and wind down to the Venus and Jupiter conjunction in the west sky.  From the comfort of our couch no less as they travel the expanse of the living room windows throughout the evening.  Their appearance has become something of an Continue reading »

Diversionary Contexts

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Nov 222010


Is that why they call a watch a watch – because you are always watching it, watching time?

They should call it diversion.  You could have a wrist-diversion or a pocket-diversion.

Nothing like carrying a diversion with you in case you don’t have one of your own to pull out of the air when you need it.

Maybe that’s why I don’t wear a watch.  I can create a diversion in an instant.

You can.  You are very good at it.  Continue reading »

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