Jun 132012


When you think about it, the world is an amazing thing.

As are you.

All of you.


The curiosity with which you look at the world, we look at you in the same way.

Consider yourselves to be a high form of complex order – a paradox right from the beginning.


Use your beingness to bring about the change you wish to see, the change you know is coming.

We are not lost without you but certainly lacking.

“All hands on deck” might be a good phrase to use.

Life is richer with you than without.


See beyond to see who you really are.

You are just on the edge.


I thought the transition was complete.

Yes in truth but that is not what you believe – yet.

Let yourself experience the movement to your next greatest you by expressing full out the real true who.


More Than You Allow

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You can see now much more than you allow.

You are ready – and have been for some time.


Masters of the game you place but novices at the new.

You need to move on, move forward for your own sake.

Even sideways will do.


Staying where you are will only ensure your demise.

Staying who you were when you are now who you are is a struggle you cannot win.

Who you were is done and so shall you too.


Who you are is ever changing, ever growing, ever living.

Life is change.

There is no life left in what was.


Move yourself off the edge.

You will find there was never a cliff that you so love to imagine.

At best all you had was a crack – but a crack to navigate nonetheless.


Your transition has bee so smooth you did not notice the edge at all.

So move from that which no longer exists and step boldly and fully into you.

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