Feb 292012


Do people buy big houses to feel free?

You buy big houses for space.  Elbow room.  Separation.  Pride.

And a number of other reasons.

All of which have nothing to do with true freedom.

Your problems underneath are not an expression of the freedom you are.

So you may think your house will buy you freedom but you will not feel free.

Quite the opposite in fact most of the time.

You’ll feel tied down.

Not only by the money you have to spend to keep up appearances but the ties to all that you are not.

Many of you have surrounded yourselves by that which you want to be free from.

But you won’t know until you look underneath.

Until you stop hiding from yourselves.

Until you get honest about who you really are.

Many of you fear going there for what you might dis cover.

So you are stuck either way.

But you can always choose again – you are never stuck unless you choose to do nothing.

You can change who you are expressing yourself as.

Do not be embarrassed by where you find yourself now if it is not where you truly desire to be.

Simply choose again.  Make new decisions.

Move into you.   Create your future.

Be who you are and express yourself all over.

That does not include who you are not – unless you want it to.

Look around where you are and ask if this is truly your who.

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