Dec 042011


I’m not sure we’re ready to handle the responsibility of being life expressing.

Too late.  You already are.

Make the most of it.

You thrive on trial by fire so this might be right up your alley. 

You’ve jumped into the frying pan and the fire all at the same time.

This is yours to create.  Any way you desire.

I think that’s what screws us up the most.  How do we know what we desire?  How do we decide?

That is for you to determine.

When you are up against a wall you come through.

Or you won’t.

The question for you now is how close to the wall do you want to get?

There is nothing the wall can bring into greater clarity for you in this moment other than you can no longer wait.

Don't Wait

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You like to take things to the very last second in order to push yourself into propel mode.

I tell you this is not what you have to do.

The whole universe is ready and waiting to work on your side.

That is more energy than you could ever generate yourself – if you would only decide.

Live an inspired life and you will know exactly what I mean.

If you want to experience to believe then decide to let life flow rather than stopping it at the door.

This is all in your head anyway.

You are the cat chasing its own tail – making things up that aren’t even real until you make them so.

Do not wait for the inevitable to happen.

Change course while you have more room to move.

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