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Is there really a bigger plan?

The one you create in every moment.

Out of what is comes whatever you desire.

You decide.

Won’t we wander aimlessly without a plan if we’re creating moment to moment?

That seems a little haphazard.  A moving target.

What is not haphazard about your approach now in trying to have a plan?

Are you not living a moving target?

What do you need a target for?

To have direction.  To know when we get there.

There is nothing wrong with having a plan.

Only you encase your idea or plan within your notions about change.

And therein lies a problem.

Your ideas about change supersede your ideas about a plan.

And so the result is you don’t like to make plans because once you do your plans cannot change.

Change they will and change they must.

This is the nature of you and the nature of life.

A plan is nothing but precreation.

There is the creation of the plan and then the plan creating in the moment.

You fail to account for life in creation in every moment.

You want everything to go according to how you think rather than how things are.

And you would do well to live your creation from who you are rather than how things are.

You will find a huge difference in your plans unfolding in creation when you pay attention to who you are being.

Start From YouYou may think this is another go round the circle.

I encourage you, challenge you, to take a look at any plan of yours right now and define who you will have to be in order for that plan to work.

You do not factor you into the equation and that makes all the different in the world.

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You are the beginning and end of creation so it is only you who can stop or move forward with what you see.

And you also know I will challenge you to define who all expansions of you are being in order to see your plan come through.

If you want to move through life more easily, start from who you are being instead of what you do.

In this there is movement – movement of you.

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