Jun 302011


Now we’ve come around to Be-Do-Have.

You would do well to just be.  Just come around to be.

There is nothing you need to do and there is nothing you need to have.

I will say this a thousand times more if you need me be. 

Change your expression to Be-Be-Be.

That way there is no more confusion, no way to sneak doing back into the equation.

Be first.  Then express yourself.  Have an experience.

If you must insist on something more than being use Be-Express-Experience.

The essence of life.

Life is expressing all over itself in experiences.

Life is all about being in as many expressions as possible.

Experience flows from expression which flows from being you.


Rivers foam rapids splashing courtesy of Jon Sullivan
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All you ever have to do is be.

How can life be that simple?

Because it is.

You are the ones who introduced complication – which again is not the same thing as complex.

Do not confuse the two.

Complex you can handle.  Complicated causes stress.

You complicate your life by paying attention to doing and having when all you have to do is be.

Are we at a thousand repetitions yet?

I’m up for a thousand more until you see.

Are you mocking me?

No.  I am simply trying to tell you I am with you for eternity.

We are in this thing called life together.

Because we are – life together.  Life is who we are.

No need to build a life.  No need to have a life.

Simply be life itself because you and me – we already are.

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